Microbiology & Serology


  • BACTEC FX: Automated continuous monitoring system for blood cultures.

  • BacT/ALERT 3D : Automated continuous monitoring system for blood cultures.

  • Vitek 2 : Automated system for faster and accurate identification and MIC sensitivity of Bacteria /Yeast pathogens.

  • BACTEC MGIT 320 : Liquid culture technology for rapid culture of Mycobacteria. Also used for susceptibility testing of Anti Tb drugs.

  • Genexpert : Used for Tuberculosis testing with rifampicin sensitivity , C.difficile toxin detection, HIV viral load, HCV viral load.

  • Line probe assay : Molecular detection of tuberculosis and drug resistance testing. Also used for identification of Nontuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM).

  • Microbroth dilution technique : MIC testing of bacteria/Fungi/NTM/MOTT( Atypical Mycobacteria).

  • BOD incubator : For fungal culture. Mycology covers morphological identification of Yeast cells and fungi including Dermatophytes. We also offer automated susceptibility and MIC testing for yeasts.

Health Plus India Pathology

Over the past two decades, he has been associated with and led by healthcare providers, and through the dedicated efforts of all those who have brought HealthPlus to its present place, the participation of such a talented and highly experienced team has inspired HealthPlus. They get up and work, they are hospitals, doctors and patients. The three are interdependent, and the introduction of HEALTH PLUS for the purpose of reconciling these three.